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The Problem: Confusion and Complexity

For many of your employees, their mortgage will be the BIGGEST financial commitment they make.  With the cost of living rising across the UK, money can be a struggle, and it is clear that employers like you understand the potential impact of this on their employees.

As living expenses across the UK continue to rise, money can be a struggle and poor financial wellbeing can in turn, impact mental health by causing stress, anxiety and even depression.

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With mortgages offered across c200 lenders and a choice of c5000 products, all with different fees, the market is complex.

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At a time when interest rates continue to rise, its no wonder that an estimated 2 million borrowers are collectively paying almost £10billion in EXCESS interest each year

Help your employees feel in control of their finances and health with Mortgage Wellness

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The Solution: Mortgage Wellness

We passionately believe in Mortgage Wellness and are confident that no matter what the mortgage situation of your employees, we can help.

Join companies like yours who are passionate about employee wellbeing

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Support your employees by reducing the stress caused by not knowing which way to turn for help with Mortgage advice.

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Enable your employees easy access to free, trusted, and impartial advice from a friendly and experienced team.

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Help your employees gain access to solutions from a wide range of lenders across the WHOLE mortgage market.

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Provide your employees with the potential to significantly reduce their outgoings, and help mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis.

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